This is the page for logging all kinds of brainstorming ideas which have not yet been structured.

GBI meeting 2016/02/04

Viktoras’ notes

  • The name for OfferNetworks: Axia Net (axia - value in greek)

  • Design principles of the offer network;
    • We need to be coherent and consistent about the way how to think about it;
    • Francis: condition rules are enough;
    • Francis: value is distributed; This would allow more degrees of freedom for realizing an alternative economy; It is enough to start to specify how we build it.
  • We have to define what do we mean by a matching algorithm:
    • searching for the fitting algorithm;
    • decision function;
  • How to go about it:
    • do we want a best mathematical methods;
    • or a platform where they can interact;
  • Digital platform that allows for distributed value ecology to arrise;
  • Self-organizing commons; You need a common medium build around access;

  • Francis: What is value creation?;
  • Weaver:
    • We have to make distinctions amonge level of discussions; When we are thinking about platform, we need to agree on certain constraint / scope of what we are talking about. E.g. when people were designing TCP/IP, they were not thinking whether it will be used for exchanging love mails of hate mails;
  • We have to merge offer networks idea and basic income idea - something that Francis meant by saying that offer networks have to provide ‘basic unconditional offers’.