Welcome to the GBI Open Value Network

This site is a document management system aimed at facilitating an open collaboration for the development of concepts, theories, computational approaches, frameworks and software projects around the conception of the distributed intelligence arising from interaction among humans and computers. In particular, the GBI-OVN is aimed at fostering synergy between theoretical and practical developments related to the concepts of the Global Brain, Offer Networks, Open Collaboration, etc. See the materials of the Workshop on Offer Networks for an introduction. One of our main goals is to bring together philosophical, theoretical and applied research from within academia and industry and enable their effective synergy.

Open Value Network (OVN) is an approach to commons-based peer production. It allows individuals and organizations to:

  • enable collaborations around difficult-to-structure projects and initiatives;
  • co-create value through large-scale collaboration and knowledge sharing;
  • distribute this value where it is needed;
  • if revenue is generated, to redistribute the revenue to all the contributors, in proportion to their contributions.

See ovn.space for more information about the concept.

GBI-OVN is supported by The Global Brain Institute and is open for everybody interested to contribute. Most of the spaces and resources of the site are viewable publicly. Yet, some spaces are restricted to particular groups and individuals of the network, especially the ones related to existing or potential commercial start-ups. Contribution to the site contents, including commenting is available for registered users only - i.e. members of the network. In case of interest, please write a to administrators at gbi-ovn@googlegroups.com.